Our vision is simple: Knowing Christ.  Loving People.  Changing Lives.

Everyday we want more.
We want to know God more and we want more people to know Him. 
We want to love people more and we want to more people to experience His love. 
We want our lives to be changed more and we want to see more lives changed.

Knowing Christ.

This is where it all begins and what life is ultimately about – Knowing Christ. True meaning is found and new life begins when we experience the transforming power of Jesus. Introducing people to the gospel of Christ is one of our greatest joys at Copperfield Church. Together as a faith family, we walk alongside each other, growing in our knowledge of Christ by worshiping, praying, teaching and studying God’s Word.

Loving People.

The Church serves as the Body of Christ in the world today, meeting needs and sharing hope. As His people, one of our greatest purposes is to live out the love of Christ everywhere we go. Throughout our daily routines, God’s grace spurs us on to selfless giving and sacrificial living. But here’s the secret – it’s not out of obligation but in joy and fulfillment! At Copperfield Church, you will experience authentic community among men and women, boys and girls, families and individuals of every life stage and circumstance, each seeking to live by Christ’s example and in His power to care for others beyond themselves. Regular fellowship opportunities through small groups are a priority at Copperfield, building intentional and meaningful connections among fellow Christians in your community. After all, if Christ said to love your neighbor, you have to get to know them… right?

Changing Lives.

God accepts you. He welcomes you into relationship with Him, just as you are. But once you meet Him, you’ll never be the same. And it's not because of anything you have done, it is purely what He has done through Christ that enables a relationship with Him through faith. His loving grace transforms each and every one of us who trust in Him. He has met our ultimate need of salvation and daily provides for our other needs as well. At Copperfield Church, we seek to join God’s work of meeting needs and changing lives by serving our members and ministries, caring for our neighbors in the community and around the world through missions, and giving generously of our time and resources for the sake of the gospel.